Hello world, let’s cook!

Hello world, let’s cook!

Hi, my name is Hannah. I love food and I love traveling. So one day I had this idea of combining food and traveling because as many of you probably know, you can only really get to know and understand a new country and its traditions by talking to locals and tasting local food. For me personally, food is much more than just something we need to survive. Food is happiness, passion, excitement, love. Not only do I love to eat food – I also love to prepare food. It’s the smiles and people’s happy faces while eating food that makes me happy. Cooking and baking are my passion since my early childhood. How dishes are made fascinates me. Which spices are used? Are there different ways of cooking the same dish, baking the same cake or bread? And where does it come from?

I called this blog „cook with people“ because my original idea was to cook or bake in other countries with locals at their homes in their kitchens. Unfortunately at this very moment, it is still too challenging to visit locals at their homes and kitchens because of the Corona pandemic. Therefore I decided to rather start checking out restaurants and get to know locals there. They guide me through the menus with so much enthusiasm and friendliness, recommend their favorite dishes to me, and show me how to eat them properly. It is such a joy!

I hope you enjoy as well reading and scrolling through my blog. And if you would like to show me how you prepare your favorite dish or bake your most tasty bread or cake please contact me.

I’m looking forward to cooking or baking together with you!

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