Pancakes / Banana Pancakes

Pancakes / Banana Pancakes

Since I am living in Tel Aviv in a pretty small flat with a very tiny kitchen, I am trying to bake and cook easy things that are delicious at the same time. So this pancake recipe is especially for all of you, who are having only one stove and one pan but also for everyone who loves pancakes.

For me personally, there is nothing better than fresh pancakes on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It always gives me the feeling of a holiday morning in a beautiful resort at the beach.

The best thing about pancakes: they are super easy and super fast to make and on top extremely tasty too. Additionally, if you are making breakfast for several people, everyone can top their pancake with whatever they like and fancy about.

So let’s get started with this easy recipe!

This is what you need

250 g flour 

2-3 tbsp sugar with cinnamon  

1 tsp cinnamon  

2 tsp baking powder

a pinch of salt

two eggs (M) or instead 2 mashed bananas

200 ml milk or vegan milk

butter to bake 

Start mixing eggs or mashed bananas and sugar in a big bowl until well combined. Then give milk and salt to it. Now you can slowly add flour and baking powder to the mixture until you get a nice and clump-free batter.

Start heating the pan but not too hot and put a little bit of butter into it. Tip: if you spread the butter in the pan with a baking brush, the pancakes get a nice and even crust.

With a tablespoon, you can make little pancakes in the preheated pan. Wait until they are brown on one side then flip them. Do that a hundred million times and you will have your delicious Sunday breakfast.

Here are some pancake serving options for your inspiration but honestly you could have them with whatever you like. What is your favorite pancake topping? Let me know in the comments and we will have a variety of topping options for all of us the next time we make pancakes.

Enjoy this recipe!

1 thought on “Pancakes / Banana Pancakes”

  • Have you ever tried it with „Grafschafter Goldsaft“ the so called „Rübenkraut“? That is the Westfalian way to eat them…. (A bit similar to maple sirup- but tastier)

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