For all eggplant lovers but also for all of those who don’t like eggplant, Sabich is a must-try here in Israel. I’m honest with you, I nearly like all food but I must say I never liked eggplant. This changed completely when I had my first bite of Sabich! I honestly couldn’t believe that I was eating eggplant. The combination of different salads, sauces, and baked eggplant is amazing. It’s an explosion in your mouth and I can assure you, you are definitely going to love Sabich.

Sabich is a very popular dish in Israel, not only because it tastes amazingly good but also because you can eat it right next to the shop on the street. The perfect fast but healthy street food. In addition to this, it’s also vegetarian or can even be vegan.

Sabich is a typical breakfast from Iraqi Jewes on Shabbat morning because it needs no preparation. It’s said that they brought it to Israel in the 1940ies and 50ies when they settled down in the newly founded and independent Israel.

Sabich consists of pita bread cut open on one side and then filled with different kinds of salads, fried and kind of caramelized eggplant slices, boiled eggs, and two sauces. My favorite one is the mango-curry sauce which adds a special and tremendously delicious taste to the whole combination.

Furthermore, the pita bread is not filled, it’s stuffed with all the ingredients! The filling nearly falls out of the pita but because there is only one opening on top you can eat it pretty easily. And I can tell you: it’s an explosion of tastes in your mouth! 

Sabich is tasty, super healthy, super happy street food: what are you waiting for???


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